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Welcome on the Yu-Gi-Oh ! Webring Home page. You can visit my own Yu-Gi-Oh! Page (french site) or visit the others sites of this Webring. If you want to have information about Yu-Gi-Oh ! Webring or to join the ring click here.

This page and the Yu-Gi-Oh ! Webring are managed by Corentin Laulier.


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This Yu-Gi-Oh! Webring site owned by Corentin Laulier.
The Yu-Gi-Oh ! ringmaster, Corentin Laulier.

My Yu-Gi-Oh ! page is part of the Corentin's Home Page. And, of course, I'm the Webmaster of this site. The Corentin's Home Page is a site about Neon Genesis Evangelion, Detective Conan, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Appleseed, Porco, Rosso, Iria, My Neighbour Totoro...There are also *.mp3 and *.mid files to download.